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The annual Christmas Tree Showcase was held this year on Saturday, December 1 at the First Congregational Church in Williamstown. 

Our goal was to raise funds as well as to educate the community about Habitat for Humanity and to give back to the community during the holiday season by offering a wonderful display of trees for all to enjoy.

The Showcase is part of the annual Williamstown Holiday Walk. Members of the community, schools, churches, local businesses and community organizations are invited to purchase miniature artificial trees for $7 each and to decorate them for the showcase and raffle.

We would like to thank the many, many individuals, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and youth organizations who purchase and decorate trees for us every year. We thank our sellers of trees: Alton & Westall, Goodman's Jewelers, Mt. Williams Greenhouses, St. John's Episcopal Church, First Congregational Church in Williamstown and DeLego Jewelry Store, and Moulton's Spectacle Shop in North Adams. We also thank Aladco Linens for their yearly donation of tablecloths for the showcase, Williams College Dining Services for providing cookies and cider, and the First Congregational Church for hosting the event. We greatly appreciate your support and generosity of time and money.

Thanks to all 2018 Christmas Tree Donors, including those who donated anonymously.
Miles Primmer, Arlo & Lily Green Ramunto's North Adams
The Log By Ramunto's Willinet
Greylock Credit Union Williamstown Youth Center After School (2 trees)
Williamstown Youth Center Family Art Tunnel City Coffee
MassMoCA, Rebecca Tatro Wild Oats Market
rk Miles Sweetwood
Richmond Grille Mark Pullano DMD
Harsch Associate Real Estate (2 trees) Cheshire United Methodist Church
Williamstown Community Chest Williamstown Rural Lands
Debra-Jean Trottier Center for Learning in Action, Williams College (3 trees)
Jenna St. Pierre Sam & Julian Bullett
Tourists Purple Valley Auto
Ava & Carter Neathawk Paula Consolini
Karen Lartin DDS TD Bank
Williamstown Town Hall, Deb Turnbull Williamstown Town Hall, Rachel Vadnais
Westall Architects Adams Community Bank (4 trees)
Carrie Waara & Sarah Wong North Adams Public Schools (7 trees)
Catlin Lopez Purple Dragon Games
Williamstown Physical Therapy Jack's Hot Dog Stand
CT Management Group (2 trees) Mikyra Burnell
Mount Williams Greenhouse Scarafoni Management, Alicia Schneider
George & Sue Galli Moresi Associates
Nature's Closet Williamstown Chamber of Commerce
Adriana Brown Joanne Hurlbut
Katie Darkis, Red Barn Waters Karen's Quilting Corner
Cottage III Holiday Inn Berkshire
Images Cinema Blackington Manor
M & M Goodman Jewelers
Jody Green Charles Phykitt Insurance
Brazeau Butcher Shop Northern Berkshire Community Coalition
Tasha Yoga Williamstown Garden Club
Villari Martial Arts In Touch Massage
Empire Antiques Maureen Duffy
Terri Lamb Alice Keeler Vaca
Goodwill Industries Freefall Laser
Williamstown Boy Scouts Mrs. Claus
Elf Alton & Westall
Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity is following the directives to stay home at least through the month of April.

A letter our volunteers from Paul Austin:

Hi Folks,

We miss you! 

This unprecedented, life-changing event has brought everything to a halt. I often think of my parents that weathered the depression and World War II and how they survived the horror. My mother often spoke of the German U-boat that was sighted in the harbor of Belfast, Maine where she grew up. Those were scary times. As are the recent months.

We have been fortunate in the years since the world was consumed by the war. We will get through this. We will return to some level of normalcy, perhaps for the better. I am anxious to return to the house, working with all of you once again.

NBHfH is following the directives to stay home at least through the month of April. We are taking the directives one month at a time. It may be harder for our affiliate since the majority of our volunteers tend to be in the age class of sixty and up. We cherish you with all the energy and time you have donated helping us to help families in our communities.

We sincerely hope you; your families and friends have not been sickened by the virus. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts as we experience the pandemic together. Practice wellness and stay safe. We will see you soon.

Representing NBHfH Board of Directors and Staff,

Paul H. Austin


Volunteer registration

Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity builds homes in partnership with individuals and families in need of a decent and affordable place to live. Families are selected based on their need for housing, ability to repay a no-profit mortgage, and willingness to partner with us. The family must provide a minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity in the construction of their home or another community service. The family will then pay a low-interest mortgage. 

The Habitat Home on Cole Avenue and Maple Street in Williamstown has three bedrooms and twelve hundred square feet of living area. Once completed, we will build a second home on the same lot. At a later date, we will start two more on Summer Street in Williamstown.

Volunteers will soon be in high demand! We work on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

If you would like to volunteer for this build, click here. We could use your help!

No experience is required, however, if you do have a specific skill (listed below), please contact Paul Austin at 802-694-1606 or email paustin@fairpoint.net

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Owners of heavy equipment for digging foundations

No matter how you decide to become involved, you will meet great people who find tremendous satisfaction from working together and helping others.

Melvin chips in to help with raking

This is a sample.

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We'd like to thank...

Providing architectural services for residential, institutional, municipal and commercial clients. Burr and McCallum has provided design services to our affiliate on each of our projects.

Corporate Partner

Burr and McCallum Architects
PO Box 345
720 Main St.
01267 MA
United States

You are most likely wondering about the status of the Cole heard from us requesting volunteers for the project. You may have read or heard some news about the project but remain unclear when construction will start. Let me assure you we will be needing you soon. We are working to get to that first day of construction. We are as anxious to execute the first house as much as you are.

We have made considerable progress on the pre-construction phase of the project. Much of this phase has involved seeking numerous approvals from the Town of Williamstown and Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for affordable housing. We have successfully passed many hurtles with one remaining agreement required from the DHCD before obtaining the title to the land. We have already completed much of the necessary site evaluation including a comprehensive survey, drainage details and utility locations. Work is continuing on drawings for permitting, scheduling, estimating and fund raising. Every-thing is coming together for a Spring 2019 ground breaking.

We will continue to update progress as the project gets closer to ground breaking. We look forward to working with all of you.

Brush With Kindness programs Home Preservation and Critical Repairs help homeowners and neighborhoods.

The Brush With Kindness (BWK) program was developed by Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) to assist low income families struggling to maintain the exterior of their homes There are many reasons why a homeowner requires assistance with repairs. Homeowners without sufficient funds to make repairs are often affected by age, disability or family circumstances and struggle to maintain the integrity of their homes. To assist families BWK has been expanded into two programs: Home Preservation and Critical Repairs. BWK is also seen as a way to expand Habitat’s role within the community.

Home Preservation is designed for all exterior work that includes any painting, patching, minor repair, landscaping or replacement of exterior building materials for maintaining good or sound condition. These repairs help revitalize the appearance of neighborhoods, strengthens connections within the community and helps preserve affordable housing stock. 

Critical Home Repair returns a house to a livable condition as extensive interior or exterior work is performed to alleviate critical health, life and safety issues or code violations. These major repair projects allow families to remain in their homes. Installing an access ramp or reconstructing a porch foundation that is on the verge of collapsing are examples of a critical need repair 

Selection of candidates for either Home Preservation and Critical Home Repair must meet three criteria.  The criteria for a family seeking assisting with a repair are

  1. A need for adequate housing
  2. Ability to pay back a loan
  3. A willingness to partner with the Habitat affiliate.

A family’s inability to obtain a conventional loan to pay for the work can be seen as an indicator of need. Circumstances that prevent the homeowners from doing the work themselves—such as disability, age or illness is another indicator of need. In many cases, homeowners simply lack the knowledge and ability to carry out general maintenance and repairs to their home. Repairs can be costly, specifically the cost of labor. Habitat eliminates this cost with volunteer labor. Families must have the ability to pay for materials, which is often far less than the labor cost. It is expected that the family contributes to the repair with sweat equity, the essence of the partnership, working alongside volunteers to complete the repair. We realize that some applicants may not have the ability to provide sweat equity. Other arrangements can be made to fulfill the requirement. 

The process for making a repair. A family contacts the affiliate to describe the needed repair and request an application. The completed application with basic financial information is returned to determine the need. A knowledgeable construction volunteer visits the family to review the application with family and examine the situation. Family Selection Committee (FSC) reviews the application based on the criteria previously discussed, financial information and affiliate’s ability to perform the repair. When the family is selected an estimate and, in some cases, drawings are prepared for permitting. If the family accepts the estimate, a formal contract is drawn up and any required permit applications are submitted to the town’s building department. Work is scheduled and a partial material down payment is requested. Materials are purchased and work begins. Upon completion a certificate of approval for the work is signed by the family and the affiliate. 

Brush With Kindness is an immensely valuable program for low-income families to maintain the integrity of their home. The program is consistent with Habitat’s mission of working with families as they lift up their lives, by building safe, sound and affordable housing.